Payout Table

This is the payout table for 1p bets on roulette. You’ll not get rich betting on penny roulette but you won’t get poor either.

BetDescription OddsPayout including StakeProfit
Straight up betThis is based upon guessing which number,
from 1 to 36, the roulette ball will land on. Also called a single number bet.
35/1 36p35p
Split betBet on two vertically/horizontally adjacent numbers (e.g. 14-17 or 8-9)17/1 18p17p
Street betBet on three consecutive numbers in a horizontal line (e.g. 7-8-9)11/1 12p11p
Four Number bet)Bet on four numbers that meet at one corner (e.g. 10-11-13-14)8/1 9p8p
Six Number bet Bet on six consecutive numbers that form two horizontal lines (e.g. 31-32-33-34-35-36)5/16p5p
Dozen betA bet that the number will be in the chosen dozen, 1-12, 13-24, 25-362/1 3p2p
Column betA bet that the number will be in the chosen vertical column of 12 numbers, such as 1-4-7-10 on down to 34.2/13p2p
Even-Money betA bet that covers almost half the board, red/ black, hi/lo, odd/even1/12p1p